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How it Works

  • Step 1

    Adjust the Volume

    Launch Pranksterz on your phone/ipad/ipod with volume set to max.

  • Step 2

    Pick a Pranksterz Character

    Pick a Pranksterz Character

  • Step 3

    Make phone using another phone

    Make a call using another phone that is set on speaker phone. Hold the phones close together and start using the Pranksterz character script. Go nuts pranking!


Q: Why can't I call directly from my iphone?

A: Apple has installed noise cancellation technology into the iPhone. This means that no sound coming from the phone that is calling will be heard on the other end when you're on a call. Please call from another phone or use Skype on another computer or device. It's fun to do it with your friends anyway so use their phone!

Q: How much does Pranksterz cost to use?

A: Pranksterz is absolutely free. When you are making a call with another phone we suggest using Skype or another voice-over-IP for super cheap calls, locally and internationally.

Q: I have an amazing hilarious prank that needs to be shared!

A: We would love to hear from you! Please email us your ideas.

Q: How do I suggest a character or scenario?

A: We would love to hear from you! Please email us your ideas.

Q: My problem is not listed here.

A: Just send us a short email and we are more than happy to help.

Give Pranksterz a Go!

Click on one of the characters below or use the phone on the right to check out the scripts we offer.

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Tips & Tricks

Pranksterz App allows you to make hilarious prank calls using a range of character soundboards. These lovable characters are totally believable and can be used in many different situations, especially if you are creative with who and when you call.

Record your prank calls and let them go VIRAL!

You never know when an amazing prank call might happen so record every single one! Share your best ones on social media and hashtag #pranksterzapp and we'll share it with the world!

We can Make you famous

Tips on how to make a prank call

Be creative with who you call.

Don't just call friends! What about nail salons, offices, hotel receptions, book stores, bike shops, skate shops, libraries, banks?

Call random people from your past.

What about the cute girl that never returned your call or your weird old boss at McDonalds?

Keep different time zones in mind.

For example when its 9pm in NYC, stores in California will probably still be open.

Don't waste time practicing.

The best way to get good at pranking is to dive in and make tons of real prank calls!

Don't give up!

Each time you make a call you get a little better at anticipating what character line to use next.

Best Pranks

The Top 10 Pranks

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How to get in the top 10

We select the funniest pranks and feature them in our top ten list on youtube. We refresh the list every month so share yours on social media with the hashtag #pranksterzapp or send it to us you and could be featured!

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